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  • Sam Bowman

    Sam Bowman

  • Allison Lindsey

    Allison Lindsey

  • Interintellect


    We host the most interesting conversations on the internet. http://interintellect.com and http://twitter.com/interintellect_

  • Abbey


    I’m a food scientist by PhD, a science writer, and a YouTuber. I’m fascinated by food science and enjoy writing and sharing what I’ve learn

  • Emil Dimanchev

    Emil Dimanchev

    Climate policy since 2010. PhD Candidate on energy transitions, NTNU. Superforecaster, Good Judgment. MIT CEEPR affiliate. https://twitter.com/emildimanchev.

  • Callum Sharp Writes

    Callum Sharp Writes

    Writer and editor based in Vancouver, Canada. I write about writing, freelancing, and the creative process. For more: callumsharpwrites.com.

  • Saul Griffith

    Saul Griffith

    Founder / Principal Scientist at Otherlab, an energy R&D lab, and co-founder/Principal Scientist at Rewiring America, a coalition to electrify everything.

  • Robert Wiblin

    Robert Wiblin

    I research the world’s most pressing problems and how to solve them at 80000hours.org. More about me: robwiblin.com.

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